Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big KRIT, Question?, Shame Gutta, Worldwide + MORE Live in San Antonio!

Maaaaaaan it really went down, last week, I know, I know, I'm late. It gets harder every day for me to sit down and do a proper post, I know, but man, seriously, don't let that take away from the fact that it REALLY WENT DOWN! WHAT A SHOW!

How often do you hear me say that about a rap show? OK Sometimes, but not all the time, that is for sure.

Also San Antonio rules. What a refreshing change from going to shows in Austin. Such energy. Shit was really real.

DJ Wally Sparks, Big KRIT, Big Sant (With Samaan, Teresa and Dutch in the background)

But before the show I had a little time so I had to do a little exploring, which turned into a lil trip back in time for me. If you don't know, the Pearl Brewery is becoming the hippest area for music and art in Texas. Just off the Riverwalk (sort of) it occupies a part of that beautiful section in San Antonio, and is not all commercial and whatever, it's um, as stated before, really real.

And thank God for it. Every city should have a district like this.

And an award winning beer like Pearl, though I have to say they are tripping for not having them lil stubby bottles anymore (real heads know the deal.)

So yeah, after having an incredible sandwich at Sam's Burger Joint, I walked around a bit in the area and lo and behold I didn't even realize I was right by the legendary San Antonio bar, Tacoland. I had just read this article in the San Antonio Current, about it's owner, RAM, who was murdered behind the bar one night some years ago, after years of supporting indie music in this ramshackle lil spot that probably shouldn't have been as amazing as it was.

Read the article for a little background, but in a nutshell, Tacoland was THE spot in San Antonio for local and touring punk bands to play. Ram took great care of everyone who ever played his joint, and gave everyone a chance. Even my "band" played there once. When Monster Soup and Feared Alien Voodoo would do shows together, me, and members of each band, and my boy Karl would play as PENIS, an improvisational hardcore band that featured me on xylophone and vocals. We played 3 times I think, I don't know. One time, Shawn David McMillen from Rubble was in the band. I dunno, we were a mess, but I totally remember our night at Tacoland, cuz as stated above, it was the realest.

Anyway, one night a crazy man came in and murdered Ram and one other person, and injured another, for no apparent reason that I know of, and really that was a huge loss for San Antonio and music in general. I haven't been there in so many years and have to say that I was sort of happy to see that it was still standing as is. A shrine to a man who really took some real music under his wing.

Anyway, San Antonio is a great city.

And the show was amazing. I have to say, if I am going to be a bit critical, there may have been a few too many opening acts. When they were good they were great, when they weren't, they were pretty boring. But honestly I can't complain, I don't get out that much and it was really great to see a wide array of Texas acts on one stage, in a thowed environment on that particular night.

Trillmatic Ent.

Trillmatic Ent.

Trillmatic Ent. Fillin the Angry Birds Shirt.

Big Trouble out of Waco, TX

Big Trouble

D'Andre from South Padre Island

D'Andre from South Padre Island

Question and my man Axsel of One Deep Clothing. Man I haven't seen Axsel in so long, was great to catch up.

Serv C, I guess he has a song with Royce da 5'9

Shame Gutta came out and WRECKED!

And he had Worldwide with him as well.

Was great to see those two in action killing it.

Texas Dream Team

Texas Dream Team

Texas Dream Team

Man then my bro Question? Came out with his group DEAD BROKE and straight wrecked. I can't lie, I was yawning at this point. So many acts, many were good, but seriously I am old and can't take so much sometimes, so I felt bad, but then Question came out and KILLED IT with the live band, which always helps.

Seriously, they WRECKED.

Came to get busy and such.

But the show of the night, of course, went to the headliner, Big KRIT.

This dude connected with the crowd and just went OFF immediately.

Was so dope, I had no idea that so many folks were so up on Big KRIT, but they are.

The whole crowd was rapping along to every word he spit.

So dope!

And it was super dope in the end, he stuck around and signed a ton of autographs.

So many people got their shoes signed, I don't know whats up with that. But they really did.

A great time was had by all. BIG BIG MAJOR UPS to Big Sid and for putting this show together. They truly did everything right. I need to go to San Antonio more often, and I will...

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