Sunday, September 11, 2011

Red Bull Emsee Battle - Sept. 8th 2011 - HOUSTON, TX

OMG OMG OMG OMG IT SO WENT DOWN IN THAT H-TOWN! Not tripping at all, this was the best battle I have attended in a long time. All freestyles and all young Texas heaters on the stage warming it up to a bit of a rolling boil and such.

READ A REAL REVIEW OF IT HERE FROM SHEA SERRANO. He hits you with the play by play. While I hit you with the blurry ass pictures, signifying motion, and such.

Also because I went through and helped select the contestants from a pool across Texas and well, I don't wanna be all talking out of line. Just suffice it to say it went down.

Bun B is hosting all of the Red Bull Emsee competitions across the country. Though not generally in socks and sandals.

Above photo taken by @RiceOwlett THANKS!

The Texas edition had 8 MCs - MC Kane (Houston), G$Baby (Austin), Playdough (Dallas), Mad One (San Antonio), Go Hard Jetson (Columbus), Hoodstar Chantz (Houston), O.N.E. (Houston) and reigning Texas champion Phranchyze (Austin) all going head to head in a 3 round battle where they were actually forced to freestyle.

Trae tha Truth, ESG and Alchmeist were the judges. And all performed. What a line up. Trae, seen above in his car with ace videographer EZAccess.

ESG and Bun B...


The entire Red Bull Emsee thing will be broadcast on a cable channel to be announced soon in first quarter 2012, so they got interviews and freestyles from everyone involved.

And my folks from YUMS came down from Dallas!

Go Hard Jetson and G$Baby on the streets of H-Town.

Alchemist chats with my man @ThePartyKing


Oh yeah they are building a new stadium for the Houston Dynamo right behind Warehouse Live. Tip for the builders, DON'T USE METAL SEATS! Those summer games and such.

It's really goin' down.

Go Hard Jetson and O.N.E. in the bullpen.

It was hopping with excitement.

And anticipation.

Not sure why Hoodstar Chantz wore his ear guards from the firing range to this but...


Its crazy, all the MC's in the first round were shown 5 images and were supposed to incorporate them into their rhymes.

Some did, some didn't I guess. I think everyone gave each round a good shot though.

Playdough vs. Hoodstar Chantz.

After the first round ESG came out on stage and blew through some hits right quick.

Of which he has a lot.

And he really had the crowd rocking. Good first set.

Phranchyze and Mad One in round 2.

AFter ROund 2, in which Phranchyze and Hoodstar Chantz won, respectively, well TRAE THA TRUTH hit the stage.

And of course straight wrecked.

Pyrexx joined him for "Strapped Up"

Perseph1 was in the house, fresh back fromher first international tour of France and Spain. CONGRATS!

Joined by Jakki of course.

Fat Tony is about to set off on an east coast tour that will take him to Pop Montreal! All this will be alongside B L A C K I E. Go and seemy broz if you are out there and see they are coming to your town. #BlackAmerikkkaTour

Bijan Kazemi, Cold Cris, Me - No three men should have so much powa. These are my old school brothers for real.

As is Mike Mack.

Keeping it Trill up in the Warehouse as always. Always great to catch up with Mike Mack, especially after some drinks. #TheMan

Oh wait and earlier in the day. We got to catch up with Killa Kyleon.

And Also Bun B. Not sure what happened to my pics of K-Rino but he was there too.

Anyway, Phranchyze won once again, and will head to Atlanta for the finals. He said it was one of the toughest battles he's been in in a while. Everyone went hard. And the young firestarter who is currently most likely next to blow out of Houston, Hoodstar Chantz took second place. Not bad for his first official battle.

And this event gave me an idea. Some might think that Houston is not a battle city, but we have some legendary battle MCs scattered across the city, and well, I may have to call in the old guard. I'll let you know soon...ish.

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