Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wheelchair Sports Camp Live at Red 7!

Maaaan this show happened like 2 weeks ago. Sorry for being so tardy on the posts but I had some server issues and I just couldn't get anything to work right. Anyway its all fixed so I'm playing catch up.

This show here was dope though. My homeys from Denver, Wheelchair Sports Camp came through Austin on a little southern tour on which they were not arrested for neither graffiti, nor marijuana. Unlike the last time.


Custom Hi-V (As in Custom High Five) opened the show.

And Johnny Sarkis broke out the beer bong, and broke the ice on the night, so to speak, in a major way.

Sow was super diverse with Kill City coming in second.

With the raps, no beer bong.

Also no water bong, just some joints. See its legal out there in Colorado so these folks just don't regard our laws as some of us might.

Team WCSC - Ronin

This band from San Antonio, Collective Dreams, played a set on the inside stage. I just kind of stumbled upon them, and while the name might not sound like anything I'd really ever be interested in, in a band, these dudes actually do jam.

What was once an instrumental group, they done went and got this dude Honeyson, who is also from San Antonio and does his own solo type weird out electro jams, to sing and well, I need to see these guys again. I felt like they were really onto something, but like at that point my mind was really zorched (#Colorado)

But I mean yeah seriously they jammed pretty hard and I want to see what the hell it do down in San Antonio sometime soon.

My girl Kalyn of Wheelchair Sports Camp gettin' medicinal in the state of Tejas.

MVSCLZ came on right before Wheelchair Sports Camp.

I done told you this show went in a lot of different directions.

Wheelchair Sports Camp finished off the night with a set of their jams, and their remixes/covers of fun hip-hop jams. Kalyn's version of Salt N Pepa's "None of Your Business" is a serious party rocker.

Anyway it was 2 weeks ago but it was super fun.

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