Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Up! The Entire #AWREADY! Houston Hip-Hop Conference Footage!

MAYNE HOLD UP THIS IS SO HUGE! For everyone who missed AWREADY - The Houston Hip-Hop Conference at University of Houston this past March, you can watch all of the panels on YouTube. Big thanks to Julie Grob and the University of Houston, this day was not only historic but much needed.

Julie didn't just go and get some flavor of the month folks for this shit, she went DEEP and had folks like Steve Fournier, Ricky Royal, Willie D and the REAL LEGENDS who formed Houston Hip Hop. OK, don't start trippin', yes of course there were others who could have been on panels, I know, but whatever, she got some legendary kingpins of Houston rap who really went and built EVERYTHING WE LIVE FOR / OFF OF.

If it wasn't for some of these people, I have no idea what Houston Hip Hop would be. Seriously. I have been around. I saw it, and I have to say that this particular day was extremely impressive. I'll even admit, walking in to the room at UH that day I thought to myself "Damn, do I really want to hear some of these folks talking shit all day? Are they gonna keep it real?"

The answer ended up being yes, I sure as hell did want to sit there all day. Every panel was compelling and informative and NO ONE (which is hard to believe in Houston real talk) abused their time or went off topic into some self promoting bullshit (my number one fear, don't forget, I been around, I have seen all this shit). Everyone came out and spoke REAL about the HISTORY and everything that surrounded it.

Again, don't think that I don't know that there's some Houston pioneers who think they should have been on this and maybe should have. There's only so much space on these things and Julie did an impeccable job getting some incredibly potent voices on these panels. If you missed it, do yourself a favor and watch the videos below. This shit was SoReal, and being real is what has always made Houston a great city for hip-hop.

I moderated the last panel and that's the video below. Watch it first because I am a megalomaniac Houston dude real talk I no ya fill dat lo lmafo etc.

After the jump you can see the whole thing. Watch all this shit if you care about this shit. Its SoReal. Then head over to the University of Houston and see their Houston Hip-Hop Archive/Exhibit.

CYPHER CESSHUN x Bun B x Paul Wall x Wicked Cricket x Talk DJ Screw from Cypher Cesshun on Vimeo.

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