Friday, October 9, 2009

Last Night In ATX: Pitbull, Blu Jemz, Waajeed, Chicks

Yeah man yet another night in my city where it really, trilly, went down.

Humid as fuck, I was tired, but still and all, yes, it really went down.

Anyway, word to Rozone Productions once again for putting on a fine show. Pitbull came out and came off man. Bit of a band behind him - a KILLER drummer, great percussionist and a keyboard player I couldn't hear really well cuz the bass was blasting my skull - and he just WRECKED!

I know my readers are a lil surprised that I was at a Pitbull show. I tend to steer more towards the reality raps, rather than the club raps, but fact is Pitbull has used his platform to spit some really real stuff over his career and he always has something to say.

And when it comes to the party rappers, he's one of the best. Currently, I'd say he is the best. The Latin edge to the crunk sounds, are generally pretty much perfect. And live in concert it's quite a spectacle. I should have taken shots of people in the crowd at this one. I swear, I never saw so many hot women freaking the hell out of EACH OTHER on the dance floor, and real talk, I know a lot of lesbians.

Shit was just insane. Reminded me of the Sunday afternoons in Houston when I'd go to the Westpark Flea Market or the Flea Markets on Airline on the Northside and the bar in the back of the inside portion would be ROCKIN' with like 1,000 people drinking and dancing to extremely hype music. You can't really beat the Latin clubs/crowd when it comes to partying. You can try but um, yeah. It ain't the same.

Funny thing is, these two Asian girls, two THICK Asian girls in fact were whylin out on the floor crazier than anyone in the place. First time I saw the, the crowd parted really quickly and abruptly just off to my left. I thought to myself, "Oh great, 5 minutes into the show and there's a floor clearing fight." No, it was just two girls getting extra hype on each other dancing to the raucous sounds of Pitbull.

The whole show was just invigorating. Thanks Pitbull. Keep coming with it.

So after that I headed over to the Beauty Bar cuz Blu Jemz was spinning with my bro Richard Henry and the man Waajeed from Platinum Pied Pipers/Bling 47. I always wanted to meet him so I stepped in the place, met him, found a seat in one of the chairs along the wall and snapped these photos.

If any of y'all ladies do not appreciate these photos holler at me at and I'll take 'em down.

But of course I'd prefer not to.

Cuz this is art.

And it was fun.

And funny.

And well.

It happened.

We cannot deny this.

It al happened, I have pictures.

The man Waajeed.

Sorry I didn't get better pics of you bro. Finally got my real camera fixed and can go back to taking proper photos. Well, proper blurry fucked up photos, but at least the shutter will snap when I hit the button, not 5 seconds later after 3 huge flashes of annoying light.

Yeah so, they was partying.

I was partying.

We were partying.

The party went down.

And then I went to bed, like I am about to do right now.


richard henry said...
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rap music said...

nice pics... looks like it was fun

Tracie aka Strawberry said...

Excellent photo journalism!
Thanks for documenting the Art.
It definitely went DOWN.