Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mayer Hawthorne, Buff 1 & 14kt and MOJOE

Man, a week late on this one here. I just haven't had time to sit and resize and blah blah blah blah, I'm gonna try to get some CMJ events up here on the blog tonight as well so check back if you'll be in NYC this week and holler if you wanna link up.

Anyway yeah man, Mojoe went on first last Saturday at Red 7 and straight killed it.

Soulful Texas Hip-Hop Is Not Dead!

Real talk man, an AustinSurreal favorite, from San Antonio - MOJOE!

Friend, X-Man, G-Christ and Nick Nack!

EZ Lee mayne!

Mos of Crew 54 and Bavu Blakes

Tre of MOJOE!

Dirty Genes is out now!

Buff 1 came out and really killed it as well. I am telling you man, this kid has charizma. Michigan is like, seriously producing some of the most engaging MC's in the game right now.

And has been for many years, as you know. I first met Buff 1, and well, Mayer Hawthorne, aka DJ Haircut back in January of 2002. I was in Detroit shooting photos for a piece David Friedman had written for Murder Dog Magazine. I shot photos of literally 40 groups over 3 days. It never got above 10 degrees F. And I shot everything in the streets. One of the last seesions I did was with the Athletic Mic League. I'll never forget it, like 7 or 8 super young dudes showed up. I was a Texan on his third day of freezing for ten hours outside literally. They gave me a CD, I popped it in on the way to the airport. And I was a fan.

I actually didn't realize it was the same people though when I got hipped to Buff 1 and Now On thru Mary Choi and Stephanie at A-Side Recordings.

Anyway yeah, Buff 1 and 14kt, quite a show!

And Mayer just won heart after heart after heart. For real.

A true showman.

Had the people TRIPPIN'!

So yeah that shit really went down.

Then Monday night I was out in Houston and decided to swing by The Flat before heading back to Austin. MAN HOLD UP! This is my favorite club night in Texas. Monday nights at The Flat it really goes down. Cool ass crowd, music is always something perfect, drinks are great - wish I could have stayed longer. Houston is still SoReal. I miss that town!

Chicken George was up in there killin' it in celebration of Fela Kuti's birthday!

Crowd just poppin'.

Bobby Boswell of the WORLD CHAMPION HOUSTON DYNAMOS with DJ Sun, curator of this fine night for many years. Seriously, Sun has DOMINATED Monday nights in Houston for like 10 years easily.

And there he is and there you have it, I'ma try to make heads or tails of what this CMJ week is about to look like! Can't wait!

Also, speaking of San Antonio. Listen to this NPR piece on RAM from San Antonio. A true Texas Music Legend!