Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah's Live at ACL 2009!
Eva and Elena on the side stage!

This YouTube might not win any awards for cinematic excellence, but it is hands down, definitely, the cutest ever YYY's live video ever posted to YouTube. Think you got me beat? Post a link in the comments.

And the video's actually not so bad for being recorded on a lil Kodak digital camera. Check it. (I suggest clicking the video below twice and watching it on the YouTube site in full screen)

So here's the story though. I always liked the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. To me, "Maps" is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. If you can listen to that and not at least fall partially in love with Karen O (and well yeah the other dudes too, cuz they shred that song apart so perfectly from start to finish), you hath no heart. But I never really went full on with them. I thought they were good, but never went nuts for them.

Then someone sent me a promo of Show Your Bones. My Eva was 4 years old and Elena was just turning 1. I put the CD in and Eva immediately reacted to the opening track, "Gold Lion." I am serious. You know how sometimes kids can be a little annoying with wanting to watch certain TV shows or hear certain childrens songs a million times in a row? Well, that's what it was like for me and this CD. First of all, anytime we were in the car, if I put on another CD, or the radio, within two seconds I would hear "PLAY GOLD LION DADDY!" or "PLAY KAREN O I ONLY WANT TO HEAR KAREN O WHAT IS THIS DADDY?"

Like seriously, that's all she wanted to hear.

She knows every word to that entire album (and so do I) and really really loves It's Blitz. She hasn't dug too thoroughly into the older stuff, but likes it.

Anyway suffice it to say the Yeah Yeah Yeah's are my kids favorite band and we got to see them last night. The passes we scored actually allowed us to go onto the side of most of the stages to see the bands, and well, nothing could have been more perfect than sitting where we were sitting to see the YYYs, as evidenced by the video above.

It was crazy though because, there was really not too many other people in the area we were in when we slid backstage. We were told at one entrance that we couldn't come in, so we walked (across the photo pit, probably not supposed to do that either) to the other side of the stage and didn't see anyone watching the small break in the fence.

So we walked backstage, no one really around us, and kind of sat off to the side. When their van pulled up we jumped up and walked over to see them walk on stage. We then went to the side stage steps and were told we could not watch the show from the side of the stage, and while I argued with the woman a bit, another dude came up and just let us walk up to the balcony.

So yeah, it worked out. And man that show was amazing. One of the best bands in action today, live and on record. Yeah, I said it. They are so far up there.

As I was watching them I was thinking to myself, how many rappers have I seen come out and put absolutely no effort into their show, and often lip synch at least half their sets? I wondered to myself, why have I stood for this for so many years? Why? Why would I or anyone else ever support anyone who raps over their vocals while standing in place?

Karen O jumped around like a nut for an hour straight and sang every word.

And I was just thinking, man, what the fuck is wrong with me? I have paid to see, written about and fully supported motherfucking sacks of shit who think lip synching is perfectly acceptable. And why?

I have no idea.

Show ended, and we started the 30 minute trek back to the car (Yeah, Austin, no reason to have any reasonable parking in the vicinity of one of the most used parks in Texas that at times plays hosts to festivals that attract 20,000 - 70,000 people, naw, no need for parking), I had a wet fart, and thought more about the people who have lip synched in my face, while I held my buttcheeks together and reveled in the fact that I had just been blown away by some real music.

All the way holding my daughters little hands.


Thomas said...

"I had a wet fart, and thought more about the people who have lip synched in my face, while I held my buttcheeks together and reveled in the fact that I had just been blown away by some real music."

BWAAAAHAHA! Best sentence ever!

Anonymous said...

Racist post!

Pushermania said...

Nothing about this post is racist at all but everything about your comment is anonymous and bitchmade.

Thanks for the best sentence ever AWARD Thomas. Hahahha! Preciate it!