Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photos from Record Store Day 2010 in Austin!

Alright so I didn't hit as many spots as I had hoped, but I definitely hit some good ones. Started the day off at Encore Music cuz it's not too far from the crib over on Anderson Lane, and had Eva and Elena, my daughters with me. They seriously were not feeling Record Store Day so I regret that I didn't get any photos there. It's a pretty comprehensive store and they even have a huge selection of old school LAZER DISCS! In great condition.

Anyway. I took the kids home, met up with my man Crite and headed over to Backspin Records in hopes of catching Butcher Bear in action (and maybe getting a beer).

Score on all levels. Butcher Bear killin' it in a major way.

Realest Austin Records Ever.

DJ Nick Nack, Zo. E. Ling & Friend

Butcher Bear & DJ Millhouse

I need to go back there and get all the Sun Ra DVD's!

After Backspin we headed down to the Live Oak Brewery for thier Anniversary Party. Was pretty dope but the lines were a little long and we basically felt like we had to stay focused on record stores.

So we headed to Music Mania.

Got there just after Tje Austin finished performing. GOt the CD though. Dope new music from Austin. Listen for him on the Austin Surreal Show every Sunday night from 11pm - 1am Central Time on

Listen for King Solo too. We wanted to hang out for Dollaz N Since - DJ Grip, DJ Spinna & DJ Since - at Music Mania but Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba were playing at Waterloo at 5 p.m. and well, I couldn't miss that.

They're from Mali, where all the realest jams come from.

Check out their Myspace. Their tour date list reads like a Best of The Best Music Festivals The World Over list.

They're on to some huge stages. I'm really thankful that I got to see them at Waterloo Records on Record Store Day. Man. Unforgettable.

Anyway yeah, Record Store Day really went down.

Then we got a shit ton of rain in a torrential downpour and then I realized that I wanted to tell you that tomorrow night's Austin Surreal Show is going to be a special 420 Mix Edition and it's really goin' down. 11 pm in Texas, 12 am in NY, 5 am in London, 6 m in Amsterdam, 9 pm in California, etc.

So get yourself properly 420'd and tune in. And then listen again on Tuesday. Happy Holidaze y'all.

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