Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrating the release of Ben Westhoff's book DIRTY SOUTH

Man what fun. Always have a great time in Houston. Was so great to see all my folks. Big ups to DOMY Books for hosting the event and big ups to Ben Westhoff for writing the book that gave us the excuse to party. I'ma finish this book this week. Excited for it.

DOMY Books rules, in case you didn't know. If yer ever in Houston or Austin you should visit one of the stores and support this independent book MOVEMENT.

Stacey PZ, Hip-Hop Librarian Julie Grob and DJ Chill IN THE PLACE!

My long time brothers DJ Good Grief and Kwame Anderson

Justice Allah gave me his jammin' new album and WHOOOOOOO!

MORE FAMILY! Matt, Joseph, Wayne and Stephanie


Brandon Holley in the hizzy

Hash brown H-Town's Rap Mayor and my homeys

White Tim ain't trippin'

HOUSTON LEGENDS! DJ Chill and Gonzo. These dudes been putting it down in their respective trades in Houston since Day 1. Real inspirations to me.

Dayta and Dan Cutts

Samaan and his dad!

Ben Westhoff read part of his book.

As evidenced by this photo

Equality from HISD and his son up in the place! Man I wish I could have been at the HISD show in NYC last week

FUTURE RICH - Yung Redd and Niq

Nancy Byron brought Crooked I through!

Teresa from SF2, Nancy Byron and Crooked I

My brother Scooby and his son Darius Jr.

Seen here also with Niq and Stacey

A. Cole, DJ Chill, Gonzo and friend

My brother Lord Vishnu! I got my start in Houston with this dude. Hip Hop Coffee Shop daze

Dam Foolz!

My girl Melesa and friend showed up to kick it!

Shizzy Shea

Then that night I hit up Fitzgeralds for the Lower Life Form release party.

Dope show! Dope new album! And Fitz is still that spot. OK Man, I'll be in Houston a lot more in the coming months. I have to be. What are we doing?


Ben Westhoff said...

Awesome pics!

Pushermania said...

Thanks man! Great party dude!