Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You can't miss this. I'm so serious. This is your chance to see six acts FROM TEXAS who are on the verge of something big. All of them. Not one sleeper in the group. Kydd (Austin), Fat Tony (Houston), ADd+ (Dallas), The Niceguys (Houston), OBX (San Antonio) and of course my man B L A C K I E (Houston). It's really goin' down.

I see a lot of folks in Austin chasing after the youngsters currently all on the blogs, rapping exactly like Kanye West 5 years ago (or softer than Kanye West) and I just thought to myself, "Self, you got to start putting in work on that Texas again."

2011 Texas is 2004 Houston all over again. The music that is coming out is top notch. The artists are motivated, working and starting to get attention. Things are about to come full circle and that is what NEW TEXAS is all about.

It's a new day. New sounds. New artists. New everything. Friday night is the first in a series of shows helmed by AustinSurreal and MissAmedica, and its gonna be a real showcase of what's really bout to go down in this great state. And we will announce the June show there as well.

The goal here is to get all these acts on the same page, and set up tours and really bring this state together. Its so big, we are practically our own country. We need to start viewing it as such. Its like, bigger than the internet and shit.

Anyway please tell a friend to tell a friend and make a point to come out. Its gonna be quite a party and I neeeeeeed to see you.

The Facebook Event Page

The Do512 Page

Go click that shit and make a point to come see me this weekend! I'ma post a gang of videos and songs to DL from each group tomorrow. Get ready to rumble. See you at the Scoot Inn Friday night.

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