Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Look! 10YR + D Madness Project
Live Tuesdays at The White Swan

Ahem, the LEGENDARY White Swan that is. A spot that is rapidly becoming my spot. How come all the coolest bars in Austin are on 12th and Chicon? What happened???

Anyhoo last night it REALLY WENT DOWN. Always glad to see the legend D. Madness do his thang (drums, keys, bass, vocals, extreme beat box, etc...)

And tonight was special because we got a sneak preview of his new project with vocalist Yadira Brown, 10YR.

And they freakin' wrecked.

Earlier in the night though we were treated to the legend Tray God and CJ on the mic.

It seriously went down in there.

Real soul music from Austin

Laney and Erin Jantzen joined Yadira on the mic(s)

DOS showed up and wrecked as well.

And me and Aaron were chillin. Anyhow, it really went down. Tuesdays the place to be is the White Swan, the LEGENDARY White Swan. Except for next Tuesday the 25th. See post below, you will be going to the North Door. With me. Celebrating the life of John Peel. Thanks.

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