Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FREE MUSIC: ft. Celeste - A Monarchs Mixtape!

Man the girl Celeste done moved to New York and went hip-hop on us! I shoulda known from the 2Pac medley at that last Austin show. Lucky for us all SHE CAN DO THAT. Man hold up...

One of my favrorite bands in the past few years of living here in Austin is definitely The Monarchs. The city wept and took a few steps back when she (she being the nucleus of the Monarchs) up and moved to NYC, but we all understood, well at least I did. The girl is dope. Some real soul and realness to her music, and this mixtape here is more proof of that.

On this here mix, she goes in over some deft beats um, borrowed from Clams Casino, Jake One, J-Dilla, Reggie Coby, Javelin, and MF Doom. And she kills it. I don't know of anyone else of her ilk doing this and making it work properly, so props to Celeste, we miss you down here girl.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ft. Celeste - A Monarchs Mixtape.

And definitely hit up MonarchsFamily.com to dig more into the sounds at hand.

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