Monday, January 30, 2012

TX Power House TV Cypher Part 2

I should probably start paying attention to this blog as opposed to just posting a random video every week or so, ya think? Well ok I promise, this week there'll be a lot more shit. I promise. #NewTexas

This right here is dope tho! The TX Power House TV Cypher Part 2. Some of my favorite folks on here!

Gerald G, Tuk Da Gat, Pimpin Pen, Cory Kendrix, Sertified, & Kydd and is hosted by Tosin with DJ Hella Yella on the 1′s & 2′s.

And honestly I generally don't click on videos of people standing around rapping, but this one is actually worth it. And its #AUSTIN.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dont forget haris the terrist onthe beat! mwahahaha #Lz movement!