Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Magnificent Success

MAN HOLD UP! Big ups to everyone who came out to the AustinSurreal/Proper Entertainment Free Week Show at the Mohawk last night and to everyone involved cuz real talk, IT REALLY WENT DOWN!

Killa Kyleon and Doughbeezy both destroyed their sets, representing Houston, along with the Tontons.

Lani Thompson, Yadira Brown and Erin Jantzen of 10YR had everybody trippin.

Gerald G and Rapid Ric still a killer combo. What a night.

And having DJ Orion and Rapid Ric together on 4 turntables for the first time was quite a moment in time. My lord.

I'm sorry the Party of the Year had to happen on January 4th.

Parking opened up the show and killed it.

They got the energy real high and had people streaming in.

The Tontons from Houston went on next

And smashed it.

Literally and figuratively.

And 10YR closed out the outdoor stage, that had to end by 10:30pm cuz you know, you know why. #Austin

But whatever, by the time they went on it was way packed out and they just slayed.

Neo space soul magic combo

DMadness, the madman behind the music.

Yadira Brown, themadwoman behind the music.


Gerald G and friends

Mos, DJ Knowledge, G-Christ fresh back from Iraq! Wes Sanders, Cory Kendrix

Cory Kendrix & ABT Music

Jazz One

DJ Orion & DJ Rapid Ric 4x4 smashin'!

Worldwide from San Antonio opened up the inside stage.

Killed it.

(3 of)The Ladies of 10YR

Mari, Nickleplated - the man behind some of your favorite Mayhem Lauren tracks, Action Bronson and more, and Celine from France!

I love Doughbeezys music, but I didn't know he was gonna wreck so hard. What a show!

I'm not even tripping. He had the house rocking.

Super photographer Miguel Angel covered the event like only he can! See all his photos here!

Reggie Coby!

DJ Grip and Tony Wayne!

Why does everyone in this pic looks like a Muppet to me?

JBro of Riders Against The Storm will present the next 10YR show at Lamberts on Jan. 26th! RAS and 10YR YES WE CAN!

Mayne hold up this is quite the combo...

And this is a one man walking revolution of realness

Killa Kyleon almost made the walls burst off the place. Shit was tectonic.

I squeezed up in that crazy packed crowd to see it and MAN it went down.


Die Slo In The Building!

Worldwide and his crew from San Antonio. Man hold up. Thanks to everyone in the house last night. How dope was that?

Get up in it:

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