Wednesday, September 26, 2012

HOUSTON! First Hip-Hop The Vote Event
Reggae Bodega/Irie Juices/Reggae Hut
On that Almeda Block!
Sept. 25, 2012

I'll forgive you if you didn't know that yesterday was National Voter Registration Day, but it was and the good people at Texan's Together kicked off their Hip-Hop the Vote Campaign in GRAND STYLE!

Suffice it to say, IT REALLY WENT DOWN!

Hip-Hop The Vote and Occupy the Vote are concepts that were formed by the good folks at Texan's Together in response to the staggering figures about Harris County's (and beyond) low voter turn out in many areas. It's no secret that many, many people of all backgrounds, do not vote, but when you look out there in the "hoods" the numbers will really shock you. In 2008 a whole lot of people got motivated to vote and we see what power that had. In 2012, we have got to keep that momentum going. You, me, everybody, have got to vote. People fought and died for this right, and while I personally don't give too much credence to any politicians, I'm going to always do whatever I can to exercise my voice.

SO we are working with artists from the hip-hop community all over Houston to help get that word out to more and more people.

Of course my brother DJ Chill and Big T had to be a part of it, holding it down on the turntables all night.

Doughbeezy and Fat Tony - two of the brightest young stars in hip-hop PERIOD.

The King of the Trill, and future mayor of Houston (#prediction), Bun B came out to show his support. He's been doing A LOT to get the message out in various communities all over the place. #SALUTE

Bun B seen here with Charhonda Cox of Texan's Together.

More family in the place! This is my people right here, two of my favorites! BNard Gambrell formerly of Street Pharmacy and Stacy PZ in the place!

And of course more familia, and two more of my favorite people, Chingo Bling and Sabrina Deana aka Vanilla Choice, my lil sis

The favorite people list just doesn't stop lol, they are all over the blog today. Here's Dat Boi T and DJ Buddha

I always vote for this guy in every election, for SOMETHING. This year I am thinking of writing him in for Minister of Agriculture and Information as it Regards the Cultivation of Semi-Legal Substances in California and The Netherlands Outside of California and the Netherlands. If such a category exists.

The legend Chingo Bling actually opened the show, set it off if you will and done killed it.

I've said it before and I will say it again, you can't just dismiss Chingo as a comedy rapper. This dude always has a message in his music, and he named his debuty, major label album, THEY CAN'T DEPORT US ALL. That takes Cajones.

Chingo Bling and Julie Grob from the University of Houston. She's the one who put together the Houston Hip-Hop Archive. #SALUTE!


Fat Tony did a surprise set and brought the crowd to its collective feet.

Done kilt it

More family, my brother Kwame Anderson formerly of Seeds of Soul and Freedom Sold with my nephew Oliver! Seen here with Anjelica of Texan's Together.

Kwame making a pledge to vote for David Yow, or something.

MORE FAM! The man Papa Doc of the Reggae Bodega graciously opened his doors, and the street in front of them so we could have this event in the heart of historic 3rd Ward on what is hands down honestly one of my favorite blocks in the whole city.

US Rep. Al Green came through and talked to the people.

There was a media frenzy surrounding Chingo! Vice Magazine, Telemndo and the Houston Chronicle all in la casa. I mean the Reggae Hut.

By the way, I had a Veggie Patty and some plantains from the Reggae Hut and both blew my mind. Just a lil side note there.

Rev. Fana came out and supported the entire time. He gave one of the most compelling talks and interacted with everyone in attendance. #Respect

Bun B and Doughbeezy, um, when's the collabo coming???

Charhonda and Doughbeezy

Doughbeezy of course smashed it. Incredible presence as always.

It was Frank Garcia aka the ALief Don's birthday and Texans Together celebrated with some of the most amazing red velvet cake balls I have ever tasted courtesy of Amber Aledrige. Seriously, they were perfect.

Good call on the snacks!

Sissy and Rev. Fana of Texans Together.

Hot singer Varrie came out to support with our man Hoodstar Chantz. I am kinda shocked at the caliber of artists who came out to support yesterday. Almost all of the best in Houston were in one place at one time, real talk.

My brother Zin came through and said some words to the people. Always a strong voice.

Fat Tony and the Aspiring Me, who incidentally is the son of my friend and legend, the late Big Mello! Rest in Peace Big Mello!

Dat Boi T came through and wrecked.

His sound is genuinely classic H-Town. Really dope to see/hear.

Check out Brandon Kelley to the side here. I can't wait to see his footage. It'll be posted here soon.

DJ Buddha on the ones and twos for Dat Boi T. So glad the new generation of Houston rappers generally HAVE DJS.

Rev. Fana on the mic.

The Niceguys came through and destroyed as expected.

Crunk, even from a sitting position.

Dat Boi T invited Low G out as well. He's a legend from Dope House Records. Was so good to connect!

This is my man Clyde aka Blackat, a major graphics designer. Seen here with Branzil. You um, haven't heard of him yet, but um, yeah, it's about to pop real soon. Dude is a teenage LYRICIST with super energy. He did one song last night and everyone there is talking about him today. Big Tings A Gwan.

Finally got to see Dirty and Nasty as well.

Dope artists who had a fun set that I didn't expect to be as powerful as it is. But they really did come out and put it down and actually had things to say. #ThankGodforNewHouston

Remember the name, Branzil, I am not kidding. All your hip friends and promoters will be talking about him in um, pretty much now.

Bun B and Branzil

This is my man Keith Watson, son of Bob Watson, the first black manager in the MLB. Yeah so, we have some things in the works for Summer 2013 that will blow your mind, baseball fans. Stay tuned.

Super hustler and my man on the streets Mike Meegz in the place rapping with Doughbeezy.

Here's fat face me with my man Ray Gomez from the Museum of Fine Arts. So happy to see Ray in the place!

Dat Boi T, Low G, Mike Meegz, Doughbeezy, now this is a power shot right here.


My man Ipod Ammo in the place with Gabby Shaw of the VIce Empire. In the city doing some work on the Houston hip-hop scene. Always great when that happens! Good people.

That boy Free and Fat Tony

Killa Kyleon came out to show some love. See him in two weeks at A3C and at some of our upcoing Voter events. Its really goin' down!

Propain came through to show love as well. We definitely will be putting in some work with him too. Great artist!

And here is Zin showing the people how he got to be so svelte in the game. Not sure why his bike cost more than my car, but MAN. #Jealous.

These dudes right here, DJ Chill and Zin are my family for life. I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of them and people like them, many of whom came out to this event. #Salute. This right here is #folife.

And that's what it's all about. Getting the people together to rally around a good cause, have a good time, and well, change the world. This my friends is the goal. Join us next time, I will post the info right here soon!

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MWRuger said...

Very nice pics and captions. Sounds like it was great fun. Too bad I had to miss it. But next time, I'm in. No doubt.