Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Tontons Take Pop Montreal 2012

My favorite festival! And probably theirs now too.

Asli from The Tontons getting live at thier first Canadian show EVAR!

There's more pictures after the jump, but I should have taken more. Ever since Instagram came into my life, I started using my phone cam more than my real one, and well those are embarrassing. However if you want to see more pics from my Montreal trip, check the ones after the jump and also on my Instagram, @Pushermania

Melanie Turner, big time Pop Montrealer and one of my favorite people. Caught in a moment out in the sunlight in the park. Thanks for everything!

The first Tontons show was in a clothing store called Citizen Vintage on St. Laurent. This is the second time I have seen The Tontons in a vintage clothing store, hey, it works.

They killed it, of course.

Wish I would have gotten a screenprinted hoodie from this dude, he had some dope designs but only for M's and L's, not XXL's like my fat, American self. But seriously, dude put it down the whole time in the lounge at Pop hq. Again, always one of my favorite places to hang on this earth, ever.

Pop Montreal does everything right, in a city that may be the coolest city on our continent. In fact, I am pretty sure that it is, hands down, the coolest city in North America. Great vibes, amazing food, cool people, breathtaking archetecture up against some stunning nature. AND it was the first day of Autumn while we were there, so it was like, you could see the leaves changing color in front of your eyes. I'm serious, you could. It wasn't just the hash talking.

Hangin in the lounge with Tom Tonton and Mark Austin. Drinking them St. Ambroise's and Griffon Blonde's! My mans!

Graeme Flegenheimer in the place. Putting out that next Fat Tony record, word them up

I saw way more than just The Tontons. Like SXSW, Pop Montreal takes place in multiple clubs so I walked in and out of so many places, it was crazy. Often not sure what I was seeing at all. I know I got to see some of Yukon Blonde though, that was jammin'. Saw Joey BadA$$. I Saw some Quebec rappers who were all about rapping over other peoples instrumentals about partying and also about Quebec seperating from Canada, which seems to be a hot topic in a major way these days. I say don't do it dudes, Canada is pretty dope. Quebec is amazing, yes and I know you speak French and what not, but um, y'all have it pretty good up there in the Great White North. TRUST ME. I freaking love Canada. Somehow I one day need to get out to Halifax Pop Explosion and live out my Trailer Park Boy dreams. We shall see, one day, a boy can dream.

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