Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Real Rap from Austin Texas

My boy RObert and my girl Jules hipped me to this program back in January. Basically they have been working with the kids at Kealing Middle School and teaching them about creating art and music in a hip-hop context. They brought in some of the cream of Austin's crop for this program and this Thursday they will present to us a final project of sorts, a finished rap song, done entirely my therse MIDDLE SCHOOL students. Here's the info, the flyer and an mp3 of the song.


(At least that's what I call them...)

The Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center invites you to come witness the kids of Kealing Middle School perform a rap song they both wrote and produced in our Destiny by Design afterschool program.

With the assistance of local artists including DJ Baby G, Tee Double, Lady Legacy, Gerald G, DaBosnian, AC, Wes Sanders, Capoeira da Rua, LuxuryMindz, Tosin, and Dat Boi Drew, a class of 7th and 8th graders studied the history and techniques of hip-hop culture.

Weekly meetings over the course of the Spring semester culminate with a performance by the kids on the Kealing Cafeteria stage at 4:00 the afternoon of Thursday May 15th.

The Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center is proud to announce the start up of its 'Destiny by Design' afterschool program at Kealing Middle School beginning February 28th.

In cooperation with CitizenSchools, the Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center will teach its Destiny by Design afterschool program, which focuses on hip-hop culture and opportunities for career development within the artform. Weekly classes will be taught by Music Journalist and Narcisse-Banks Co-Founder/ Director Robert Gabriel over the course of the Spring semester and will include local artists as guest lecturers. Guest artists including DJ Baby G, Tee Double, B-Boy and B-Girl City, Lady Legacy, Blacklisted Individuals, Pilarsito, Capoiera da Rua and Dat Boi Drew will provide introductory information as well as direct training in content areas such as music production, performance, dance, and graphic design. Development for the program will be supported by Educational Specialist and Narcisse-Banks Co-Founder/ Curriculum Coordinator Jules Narcisse. While Narcisse-Banks as a foundation will be volunteering its efforts to Kealing students, funding has been raised so that guest lecturers will be well compensated by the foundation for sharing their expertise with students. At the end of the Spring semester, Destiny by Design participants will showcase their newly developed talents at a culminating event on the Kealing campus, so stay tuned!

The Narcisse-Banks Communty Center would like to thank Mr. Alex Hendrex, a Social Science teacher at Kealing, as well as our most generous donors for making the compensation of guest lecturers possible. We believe in paying artists to do what they do best, share their art! In the Fall of '08, Narcisse-Banks expects to continue its work at Kealing and extend its Destiny by Design program to Bedichek Middle School as well. Please visit our website and library lists at www.myspace.com/narcissebanks for further information on the non-profit endeavors of the Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center.

Destiny By Design - 'Choose your path, Create your future'



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