Sunday, November 30, 2008

FREE MIX: Mellow Out It's Christmastime

O.K. So it's corny as shit, but my analog ass got a hold of some Virtual DJ program, and well I was higher than that Star of That Nativity the other night and well, started messing with it. Realizing that even with a machine that matches beats for you, I'll never be much of a mixer, I remembered it was Christmastime so I busted out the Christmas crate (that's what we newly digital dudes call a folder full of mp3's on our computer now and such).

I've got a ton of Christmas music and am available to spin at your holiday parties. But I don't take requests and sometimes the songs I play will be played to make tyou think, rather than dance. SO if that sounds appealing to you PayPal me a deposit and lets get this shit poppin'.

Anyway this mix is of some mellow, I guess you would say indie rock type shit. I don't know. Some was from John Peel's Christmas Special's at Peel Acres (I'm not advocating stealing but if you have SLSK or Limewire you might want to do yourself a favor and search "John Peel Christmas" you'll find some really cool shit that probably isn't available for purchase anyway). Anyway...


You don't have to like it, but you've gotta respect it.

And well this is the first of a series. I'm thinking "Get Funky It's Christmastime" will pop up in the next few weeks. "Smoked Out Christmas" is one that's gonna be a lot of fun, but I gotta holler at Cosmo Baker about the rights to the name. "Gabber Christmas" might happen if I can find all my old Happy Hardcore Christmas tunes.

And then of course I'm considering turning the viirtual decks over to DJ Eva and MC Elena for a "Childs Garden of Christmas" mix. They already have Magic 95.5 - all Christmas Music All The Time, on on the radio in their room.

Oh Joyous Noel. It's Christmas. Mellow out. Don't let the economy freak you out. Fuck it, jam free music.

Also, don't be trippin' on these fine selections...

And this would be the cover of this mix if it wasn't already copyrighted and if the mix wasn't already named "Mellow Out It's Christmas." "I'll Be Stoned for Christmas" coming soon, heads.

Also here's the tracklist. Don't ask me why I put Dead Moon on in the middle to harsh your mellow.

Camera Obscura - Little Donkey (Live from Peel Acres)
Melys - Silent Night (Live from Peel Acres)
Willie Nelson - Pretty Papers
Ella Fitzgerald - God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen
Low - Little Drummer Boy
Dead Moon - Christmas Rush
Beat Happening - Christmas Nuhs
Belle & Sebastian - Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
John Lennon - Happy Christmas (War is Over)
James Brown - Signs of Christmas
Elvis Presley - Peace in the Valley

Also I guess it's not all indie rock. Just jam it and lemme know if you want some more. I got you. You don't HAVE to jam Magic 95.5 all day, like me.


Anonymous said...

Love it man! I need your crate!

richard henry said...

You've been keeping secrets!!!

Pushermania said...

I'm telling you I am hands down the worlds greatest Christmas DJ. If anyone wants to battle, I'm down.