Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well it went down. Exponentially. A Trick, a treat, and a lil party at the house. Eva, Elena and a few of their closest friends, also cousins. Anyway, I found our new hood in Austin way more fun to trick or treat in than our old hood in Houston.

In Houston it was like, 3 kids over 5' 6" to every kid under 4'. Roving bands of teenage thugs would traverse our neighborhood, and well, just annoy me. Last night I didn't see anyone older than like 8, in the streets, save for a few parents, all of whom, including myself, had a beer.

So it worked out.


Here's Lulu, Elena, Eva and Astra doing their thing.

Astra as Princess Lea

Lulu as Dorothy

This dude as the dude who scared the crap out of Elena.

Elena as a Butterfly Fairy

The crew attacking their swag.

Eva all hopped up as Scary Cheerleader.

Layla and Elena tearing it up.

And of course Ziggy as hipster, I mean, as Transformer as he put it. Eva said to him "What did you transform into? A DJ?"

Seriously, she said that.

Anyway, Feliz Dia de los Muertes. Pour one out for your people who aren't here.

Come to The Mountain Goats tonight at Antone's IF YOU WANT TO SEE A SHOW!

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