Sunday, November 9, 2008

FunFunFunFest Day 1 WAS AMAZING!

But first here's a few photos from that other amazing day this week. Tuesday, the day Obama won the presidency and America restored my faith up in her and such.

I mean really though. These three photos were taken outside the official Democratic Obama Victory Party in Los Angeles. People were going off.

I promise to write more later on all of this. Gotta get back down to the park for day 2 of the Fest. Suffice it to say though, FunFunFunFest is like the perfect festival for a guy lik eme. No shitty buzz bands, just real legends, back to back, in multiple genres, doing it RIGHT. Full run down asap. This time I promise to actually write. For now tho see what you missed!

We walked in the gate LITERALLY as they played their first notes. I was spazzing the entire walk from the car like COME ON YALL WE GONE MISS DENGUE FEVER. But we didn't and Thank the good Lord.

Dengue Fever is the realest.

They thought so as well. Day 1 Crew In Effect - Sun-Jue, Ziggy and Eva. Today Melissa and MC Elena will be in the house as well.

Honey is my new lil homey/ She was sword fighting me with a stick for quite a while. Seen here. Also best dressed of the fest hands down...

Octopus Porject!

This dude has been promoted to my official security

Lots of great art all over the fest grounds. Also make sure I tell you about the Green Apple/Caramel Popcorn from Cornucopia. So amazing.

Eva danced to Killdozer for real.


Brownout, one of Austin's finest.

Craig, Liz and Sun-Jue Vibing Out and such.

Ziggy and Eva, but Ziggy especially, went off during Brownout.

The boy has moves, real talk.


Moron that later.

These dudes did a cover of "How Soon Is Now." I heard them annonce it as I was entering the Miller Lite tent, then went back to check them out and honestly the only thing that sounded liek the original was the sweeping guitar lick that runs through the song, the rest sounded lile garbeled metal or some shit. Whatever it was, it was horrible and if Morrissey was there and would have asked me to help fight them, I would have had his back. For real. I had a lil fantasy of me and Morrissey tackling these dudes hand in hand. I know, that's a lil suspect. ANY Morrissey dream is suspect, but for real, I woulda had the dudes back.

Atmosphere killed it as per usual.

Here is an atmospheric shot of Slug.

Deerhoof was Eva's definitive highlight of the day.

This lil girl stole my heart with them pink um, ear shields or whatever you call them. But awwwww, come on now... This is too cute.

A day at th efest makes these lil boopers a lil too sleepy, missed Dead Milkmen, but we are going a lil later today so as not to miss BAD BRAINS!

Fool report pon di weh...


FAT TONY said...

A man in front of me was upset that Rival Schools didn't announce it was a Smiths song! I'm sure Morrissey would've been upset, as per usual Morrisseyness. DustDustDustFest was fun. Deerhoof & Bad Brains were great. - fat tony.


whats funny is that i saw rival schools and bad brains in nyc last week and they did the same cover which the singer walter used to play with his older and much better band quicksand....