Thursday, November 5, 2009

Austin's KAZI Now Streaming Online!
Help Save Dirty South Radio!

Yo seriously this is some great news, the voice and soul of Austin - KAZI - is now streaming online!

It's been a long time coming but its finally here.

They bring so much to the city every day. Killer reggae shows, old school soul, Democracy Now, City Council stuff, and BAVU'S REVUE! The weekly show hosted by the one Bavu Blakes.

Bavu brings you soul, progressive hip-hop, funk, and basically, well lets just call it what it is, soul music from all over the diaspora. Some Latin, some whatever, it's a great mix and this dude needs to be heard far and wide.

Every Wednesday from 3-5 pm Central Time.

KAZI is also the only station in town that plays LOCAL hip-hop and r&b from the community. So yeah man, you wanna know more about Austin, the side you don't see when you just hang out on 6th Street? Tune in today!

Click here to listen now! And check out their website for the full schedule and event info and all that. KAZI has been the heart and soul of this city for many years. So happy to see this happen!


OK So that's some really great news, but here's the bad news. We are at risk of losing DIRTYSOUTHRADIOONLINE.COM!

These dudes were really the first ones to bring Dirty South music to the internet "airwaves" and have been going strong for 8 years now! I remember when they started in 2001 and when DJ Hollywood came to Houston to visit my radio show, Damage Control. It was a really exciting time in internet history. I hate to see them go away. Not to mention that they have the weekly show with DJ Knowledge and Checkmate reppin' Texas to the fullest, man come on now, help these folks stay online. Its a real service to our community. Here's what DJ Hollywood just hit me with:

"Help save dirty south radio! Don't let us go off the air! We need to raise $800 dollars A.S.A.P to stay online. Here is the doantions link Please donate $5.00, $10.00 help us stay alive and bring you good music thanks for you support."

Every label who has ever benefited from this station needs to come with it. 8 labels at $100 a piece could save one of the only true outlets for real independent down south rap music online.



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