Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Past Coupla Daze
Bavu Blakes Going Away Party

Wait, this is more than my past coupla daze, I have some LA pics at the end and well, yeah, it's been one big haze as of late. A lot of travel, events, good peoples, things of this nature and such. And here we sit.

Sunday I went to Fun Fun Fun Fest but it rained so much I was afraid to take my camera out and honestly, I think I got some water inside that thang so I am going to have to figure this out. But yeah, Sunday night it WENT DOWN!

My bro Bavu Blakes is moving to LA and as much as I hate to see him leave, I wish him all the best. He really put it down at the party.

Aaaand the homey Kid Sister showed up!

And Blaxsmith kilt it.

As did Crew 54 of course.

But we had to leave in the middle for a lil bit to see EASY ACTION at Beerland. WOW!

The mic was not working. The soundman was scrambling trying to get it up, but them boys just went on and played, and funny thing is, the voicals were not as loud as they should be, but even in the back you could still hear John Brannon screaming. MY LORD. It was insane.





Anyway yeah, the show was great, but then we headed back to Ace's for Bavu's party and $1 Lone Stars on a Sunday night.

Word to Dubb Sicks

Also Gerald and Ric.

And Nick Nack and Wes Sanders

And Ricki Tiki Tavi

Reggie Coby! Man the League of Extraordinary G'z killed it too!


I shoulda been in bed by this point. But fuck it, they jammed.

Then Monday night I drove to Houston to see Melt Banana (and Melt Banana Lite) at Walter's on Washington.

It was wild. The best Melt Banana show I have ever seen, and then I started wondering if it was the best show I have ever seen. The raw power just slays me.

And straight up, they rule. When they started the song "Shield for your eyes, a beast in the well on your hand" this dude got on stage, a light skinned gay dude in a tight shirt and tight pants and he seriously got up and vogued to the rhythm of the intro to that song. Also took his shirt off to show his ripped abs. The band was just kinda looking at him making crazy faces. It was both funy and annoying at the same time. Then he did the WEAKEST stage dive ever, and the security dude grabbed him by the head and kicked him out. Was weird. But whatever I AM GLAD TO SEE THAT PEOPLE ARE AS EXCITED ABOUT MELT BANANA AS I AM! I almost shed my shirt as well.

OK Yeah, so last week I was in LA for work and it was a great trip, but my main highlight was attending Dam Funk's Monday night event that has been going for years and I keep hearing about. It is all that mayne, Funkosphere I think, I dunno, it was dope.

Here is Dam Funk killing it.

Here is Dam Funk with Havana Joe.

And here is my Super Brrrooooo Keith Plocek, now based in LA. Based as in living there, not BASED as in the Lil B sense of the word. Well, actually I mean, maybe he is straight BASED. I dunno man. Was good to see him though.

Anyway I gotta go to work.

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