Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fest Preview!
Yeah It's This Coming Weekend!

Oh my, dare I say it? Yeah, it's really about to really go down.

And YOU can win yourself a 2 day pass to Fun Fun Fun Fest RIGHT HERE on

I have Two 2-Day Passes to give away. I been thinking about how I should do this, if I should give away the pair or if I should just give away one to each winner. And I decided that yeah, we are gonna have 2 winners, 1 ticket a piece. If yuhave friends with good taste in music, you will have people to hang with there.

SO Without further ado, this is how we are gonna do this. I am about to board a plane from LAX to Austin right now. While I am in the air I'ma let y'all duke it out on TWITTER. That's right, Twitter. All you have to do to win these tickets is TWEET me a rhyme about FUN to

Yeah, I am @pushermania on the Tweeter and I need YOU to send me a message with your best 140 charecter rhyme about FUN. That's all, tweet me TODAY and I will decide a winner tonight.

Yeah, no science here, my favorite 2 Tweets win. I'll contact you back via Twitter and we will go from there.

And for the rest of you... GET YOUR TICKETS NOW BY CLICKING HERE. Seriously y'all, it's only $75 for the two day ticket. $75 to see this many incredible bands? Are you kidding me? That's a steal and a deal. Less than $1 per band!

Anyway I been promising you a preview post forever. Well, my home computer had a virus and I have been traveling a lot anyway and have not had the time or the mind to do anytyhing all that poignant, so below please find my picks for the festival this weekend, ALL OF THESE ACTS ARE NOT TO BE MISSED. So don't even be trippinG. I am posting YouTubes rather than rants because well a photo is worth a thousand words and a video is like what, a million?

Here's my picks in alphabetical order. Go to for the schedule and all details.

Space age fun fun fun hop!

Weirdos with attitude.

Buraka Som Sistema
The men responsible for one of my favorite albums this year. Some serious world music. Forward thinking jams that span the diaspora. We love to jam them in the car as a family, wonder what it'll be like live.

Car Stereo (Wars)
FunFunFun DJ's! (See comments section, I am obviously missing something. Saw Car Stereo (Wars) twice in varying drunken states, in a rowdy Beauty Bar, so maybe I got it all wrong.

Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm
From their bio:
CEDRIC BURNSIDE, grandson of the legendary R.L. Burnside, son of drummer great Calvin Jackson, is widely regarded as one of the best drummers in the world. Growing up at his grandfather's side, he began touring at age 13, playing drums for "Big Daddy" on stages around the globe. Cedric was born in 1978 and raised around Holly Springs, Miss., and has been playing music all his life, developing a relentless, highly rhythmic charged style with strong hip-hop and funk influences.

Bluesman LIGHTNIN' MALCOLM is one of the leading, younger generation artists on the scene today. Born in rural Missouri, Malcolm enjoyed the freedom of country life, quickly learning to entertain himself and others around him. Growing up in a little village called Burgess in a country house next to the KCS Railroad that ran from Kansas City to New Orleans, the train has always been a theme in Malcolm's music, as well as the inspiration for the steady, insistent bass rhythms of rural dance music.

The Cool Kids
Fun fun fun outfits!

Oh man seriously, this dude. Seriously. I was at one of the first Danzig shows, dude is quite the figure in this shit. Actually excited to see him, but also, not excited. I cannot explain the feelings I am having right now about seeing Danzig this here weekend.

Punk before punk was punk, and they are black, adding more proof to the theory that whitey has indeed yes, stolen everything.

DJ Numark
One of the men behidn the decks for Jurrassic 5, and one hell of a dude on them decks.

Houston's finest, real talk, before they crossed all the way over to metal, they were a raging fireball of hardcore realness. I saw 'em once at Fitzgeralds in Houston, like 1987 I guess, and MAN that shit was nuts. Saw a skinhead dive from the balcony and land face first on the floor, cuz the heshers just weren't having that skinhead shit back then.

Jesus Lizard
The band I am second most excited to see. Man they have rocked my head like 20 times live in the past, can't wait to see how it's goin' down now. One of the wildest and best live bands you will ever see.

Kid Sister
Another great homey from Chicago. Kid Sister is one unique voice in this hip-hop shit. Bringing the classic Chicago club sound to the masses. Girl can rock a show too.

King Khan & BBQ Show
Fun fun fun jams! + BBQ!

One of my favorite local acts, which is strange cuz what they do is not generally up my alley but for some reason I like how they do it and I think they have serious gumption, which goes a long way in this town.l Check em for sure especially if you are coming from out of town.

Melt Banana
See below, I'ma probably go see them in Houston as well on Monday night. I LOVE THEM FOR REAL. Like real, genuine love.

Mika Miko
Fun fun fun and SEXY JAMS.

Mission of Burma
That's when I reach for my revolver. Yeah man, that was the fuckin' jam.

LEGENDARY MAN! LEGENDARY. One of the greatest hip-hop quartets EVER. Hope they are all there.

Man they done remixed Bun B and Devin the Dude songs. This is my shit.

Whitest Kids U Know
Not 100% sure if I am a fan of these dudes or not. Seen their show a few times and sometimes I LOL, sometimes I SMH. But I'ma go see 'em live and see what it do.

Youth Brigade
I was never a huge west coast punk fan, but I was also never against it. I had my groups of course but I really didn't sit around jammin' the BYO Records catalog all the time. I did however watch the film Another State of Mind at least 5,000 times. It was a Night Flight classic (you don't have to understand), and once I committed it to VHS, it became one of the few films that I watched over and over and over again. It chronicles a tour that Youth Brigade and Social Distrotion set out on in I guess 1981, film came out in 1982, and it pretty much laid a distinct blueprint for any punk rockers looking to set out on the road and do it the way they wanna do it.

D.I.Y. is the mantra to this day.

Check out - the Crystal Ship - marlanembutol's Channel
on YouTube
- she's got ther whole film uploaded there - or go order the dvd here asap and see how you too can make a career for yourself on the road. As much as people say the music business has changed... some things on some levels remain the same.

This film inspired me to do what I do today, and Shawn Stern and Youth Brigade helped show me how much was possible with a little heart and gumption. See the band at Fun Fun Fun Fest, and see the movie Another State of Mind. K?

Anyway FunFunFunFest is like somebody cut open my heart and picked all my favorite bands and put them on one festival in a month where the weather is nice and nothing else I wanna do is really going on and well, it's pretty perfect. Please hit me pon di Tweeter and win these tickets and have some beers with me this weekend. I think I may do a FFFFest pt 2 post as well.

Also I hope to see you at the Tech N9ne show tonight! ATX STAND UP!


Anonymous said...

You may want to do a little more research into who Car Stereo (Wars) is and who he isn't.

Pushermania said...

OK I saw Car Stereo (Wars) twice and seem to remember this electro DJ weird out thing and thought it was 2 people. OK Cool I'll figure it out. I remember it being a fun show tho.