Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009 - Day 1!

OMG! It Went Down!

As one might expect, yeah, it really went down yesterday at Waterloo Park. The good folks at Transmission Entertainment and everyone behind this most fun, Fun Fun Fun Fest, should be commended.

Firstly for bringing my favorite band EVER.

Yeah man, Melt Banana from Japan. You may have seen them on this blog before.

Me obsessing and such.

But yeah, Eva and I hit the festival midday, after a hearty lunch at Dan's, an Austin institution, and honestly we were just kind of ambling around for an hour. I wasn't really able to get my head around any of the bands before Melt Banana, all I wanted to see was them. Eva was immediately bored and annoyed and I started to worry that she wasn't gonna make it. But as soon as Melt Banana hit the stage, that frown was turned upside down and all was well.

Seriously, I love that my daughter is into great music. And no, I don't know why I always do animated Gifs of this band. It just works out that way.

We went to the stage when they finished in hopes of getting some candid shots, and well, we did.

In fact, Eva took this one. Ha.

On the stage next to Melt Banana (this is a great thing about FFFFest, they have dual stages so groups can go on literally back to back), 7 Seconds hit the ground running so hard, I wasn't sure that it was actually them. I remembered them being more, um, well, for lack of a better word, emo, back in them days. I wasn't a huge fan, but never hated them. Last night they came out raging and it was really dope.

Thie festival just takes me back.

Anyway yeah, takes me back. Like this takes me back, the boy Ceeplus.

Seen here with Allen Chen and Craig McCullough, But Cee and I came up together back in them early 90's when we started a weekly club night in Houston called the Hip Hop Coffee Shop. It was an open mic spot that attracted MC's from all over the city and it lasted for 2 years and it was dope. Word to the Psycho Ward (nee, The Niyat).

Seen here with one of the Cool Kids

And then of course seen here with Astronautilus

And then of course Clara and Liz were in the place.

And then of course here is me and my date, Eva.

Checked out the Cool Kids for a minute

And ran into Terp2It

But again, my mind was on something else completely...


Duane Denison!


David Yow and David Wm. Sims!


Man they tore shit up, I have WAY MORE pics of them man, I should post them all... maybe.

3/4ths of The Pharcyde were in foool effect wreckin' all the hits. Including "Pass the Pipe," which is and always has been, my jam.

Killer crowd.

But yeah, that was that for the fest. I went home for a bit, lil pitstop with the babies and Melissa, and then went back out to the after party at Red 7. Walked in as Christ on Parade was on stage. They were killing it for real, but for some reason I didn't take any photos of them.

I did however get this EXXXXCLUSIVE SHOT of two punk rock legends. Musical legends of rock. Icons in fact. John Brannon of Negative Approach/Laughing Hyenas/Easy Action, and Tim Kerr of Big Boys/Poison 13/Bad Mutha Goose/Lord High Fixers y mas, also banjo.

I have not been to a show this raging in years. I mean seriously, it's almost 30 years later and Negative Approach does not miss a beat. I mean seriously, the RAGE was there.

The pain of anger and such. There was a real pit, saw John Brannon take a kick to the face and keep rockin' shit. Man, seriously.

Shit was raw as fuck.

Austin is punk rock heaven this weekend for real.

Tonight after the fest meet me at Ace's Lounge for Bavu Blakes going away party, and then possibly catch me up in that Beer Mug to see Easy Action!

Anyway lemme get my shit together, we need to go back downtown for Day 2. DANZIG FOOL!


JuliaErvinTalnBout said...

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Trip Advisor said...

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