Monday, June 20, 2011

MadGods Summer Mix 2011 from DJ Orion and King Louie

The good homeys over at Mad Gods hath released their latest mix and it's available for FREE DOWNLOAD over on their blog. GO GET IT AND JAM THE F OUT.

DJ Orion and King Louie go all over the map on this one and straight kill it of course. This is a SUMMER MUST HAVE. Real talk.

And MadGods are the ORIGINALS out here in the ATX. They been coming with the livest T-Shirts and more for as long as I can remember. Way back before I had kids and could still purchase t-shirts at shows on a whim and such. Anyway, PERUSE THEIR SITE for the fresh threads.

I especially like this one:

In fact, I need me a 2xl like today. Where the hell did I put Chris's number. Anyhoo, just thinking out loud here. Oct 21st is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Man, I need to not look at all their dope designs, but you should.

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