Thursday, June 3, 2010

HOUSTON! Support Trae tha Truth
Today at his Town Hall Meeting
7:30pm SHAPE Community Center

Today is the day that we really stand up and let the people know how we really feel.

I've been going through it a bit, and been busy as hell work wise, so I haven't been writing much on this situation in the past week, but suffice it to say there's some new information to be dropped tonight and a plan of action to be laid out.

Plus you should come out and get your "I'm On Trae's Side" T-Shirt.

Check out this interview in Ozone Magazine for a little perspective.

And check out this interview with Joey Guerra at the Houston Chronicle for even more perspective and personal words from Trae Tha Truth himself.

I've been thinking about this situation a lot, since it started, maybe even way too much. And I have some words for the Box that will continue on in the direction of my first open letter to them. But I want to attend the meeting tonight, and see exactly whatthe plan of action is.

It is my opinion that all of Houston, at least everyone who supports Houston music, needs to get involved in this and really be heard. I have not talked to one person who agrees with this ban (though I am sure you exist out there somewhere) and the time is now to stand up.

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