Monday, June 21, 2010

Scion Music(less) Conference in Los Angeles
Lakers Win

I love stepping off a plane in Los Angeles, or any west coast city for that matter. I love taking off from Austin at 7:30 a.m. and arriving in LA at 8:30 a.m. If you fall asleep on the flight, you barely miss a beat.

And it’s always sunny in Los Angeles. I don’t know if I’ve ever been there when it’s rained at all but so much of that whole region is super lush and the air, while dirty has a certain life to it.

Blown in from the Pacific Ocean I suppose?

Anyway last week I rolled out to the Scion Music(less) Music Conference in Los Angeles, at the super fly Renaissance Hotel right there at Highland and Hollywood, next to the Chevron. More on the Chevron later possibly.

I haven't really kicked it in this part of Hollywood since I first visited UCLA with my mom in the winter of 1988. I rarely get to just go check out the tourist spots in most of the cities I go to so it was kind of cool to just wander out there.

You know like, to behind the Chevron to pretend what I was doing was semi-legal.

In California.

Anyway man the Scion conference started out pretty strong with the What Is An Image Worth? Panel. I'm of course a big fan of Sacha Jenkins (who says he has a band with Murs and Darryl Jennifer now???) and also Vivian Host. So they put it down along with Geeta Dayal, Shirley Halperin, Chris Weingarten and Mikael Wood.

I'm not gonna pontificate too much on the panels. I'm just gonna give you a gang of photos. You can download the Conference Guide Here and see all the names on the respective panels and such. I think all this is gonna be presented online so I don't want to go all letting cats out of bags. Shit was dope though for real. And that's coming from a guy who generally does not want to sit and listen to panels all day.

Tommie Sunshine!

Atrak participated in a couple joints on the first day.

I did however have to run upstairs for a cool 15 minutes to check on the Mexico vs. France game and yes I did see the Mexico goal and yes that shit was dope. World Cup Fever going strong over here.

Hines Buchanan of Project Blowed seenhere with Austin's DJ Nick Nack. His new album Dearly Departed is amazing and you need to hear it. Google it or hit that right now and also that too. You need this one in your life.

Lyricist Lounge in the hizzle. How did I not get a pic of Ant? He was there too.

Catchdubs holding it down.

Hines with Prince Paul. Paul says he has an album coming out with him and his son next year...

Richard Henry and Pyramid digging in.

The panel on Pro Tools was real.

Eric Ducker interviewed Atrak and then a dude in the crowd interviewed Atrak during the Q&A. I hope they don't cut that out.

Todd C. Roberts interviewed Suroosh Alvi and that was dope as well.

Bryan Herweg from Pelican and Adam Shore!

Man, the view out the room was no joke. LA LA Big City Of Dreams.

And a certain haze.

Anyway yeah.

Tight ass hotel I tell you whut.

So anyway after the first day of conferencing, Richard Henry, Pyramid and Nick Nack and I all hit the streets in search of food and a place to watch the Lakers game. We ended up at some lil Mexican spot for decent burritos and front row access to the big screen, somewhere down on Hollywood, but then we hit this bar called Essex for like the last 10 minutes of the game. It really went down man. So glad I could be there for that shit.

Drinking a round of Shiners with my dudes.

So then I think we hit another bar, then went back to the room for some beers and to regroup and figure out where to go, and ended up getting stuck watching all the local TV stations riot/celebration in the streets footage. Much from helicopters.

Yeah so it looked pretty cool out there so we decided to hit the streets, and didn't really have to go too far to feel the excitement.

It was just real cool to be out there. But Go Spurs 2011.

The State of Music Journalism.

Do You Need a Manager?

Yes, to become like the Jonas Brothers and rule the LA with their new series LA. My 8 year old daughter Eva told me that she thinks they are stupid and ugly and their music is stupid and she was all like "ElLaaaaay EllLLaaaaay, whatever," rolling her eyes and shit. So I took this one for her. Go World Cup.

This right here was the dopest talk for me though.

David Wm. Sims of the Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid/and ahem, Rapeman - gave instructions on the principles of music business accounting. I'm telling you this blew my mind for real. Always admired the dude and his bands. For a long rant about this, check out my last radio show on Radio KAOS by downloading it here.

So then on Friday night we made the plan to hit up OG Chino's Birthday party at the Blu Monkey (Also Rakaa's birthday!) down by Hollywood and Western so I showed Richard and Nick this video of Charles Bukowski riding in a convertible down Hollywood and Western.

Hollywood and Western didn't really look like that no mo'. But the Blu Monkey is a dope ass bar.

And Chino is the bro for real for years and DJ Synapse and DJ Ruri!

Killer night, incredible music.

Nick Nack and Bavu Blakes in the place. Bavu is living out in Long Beach now. Get at him!

And the picture just got that much realer for Austin hip-hop heads, Arson Optics, Nick Nack and Bavu Blakes!

Anyway, it went down.

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