Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recap: Kid Sister Live in Austin!
w/Riders Against The Storm, Perseph1 + Mic Skills!

Alright y'all, I have like 4 posts to blog today, dating back to last Thursday. I'm trying to get my head back on straight and get all these up, starting with this one, pics form the Kid Sister show last week at the Mohawk. And man, IT WENT DOWN!

Mic Skills from Houston opened up and straight killed it. If you listen to the Austin Surreal Show you may have heard his single "Criminal" It jams.

Seen here with hype man Rad and Vango, who also produced "Criminal." These are some Houston hip-hop legends for real, who could also be considered leaders of the new school in Houston. Not to be confused with New Houston, as that's a whole 'nother movement I done read about on the Twitter. Need to know more.

Vango kept it poppin'. DJ Fundamental and crew spun between sets and before the show and I have to say, I regret not getting any shots of them cuz they fuckin' killed it. I mean, they played Poor Righteous Teachers, they played that "Cell Therapy," I mean they really WENT IN. So respect to Fundamental and crew for real. I need to get out more.

Perseph1 hit the stage second. Scantily clad in her new self designed logo tee and some pinstriped shorts. So I took a lot of photos in hopes of getting more readers on this blog. Also this gif is the visual soundtrack to her raps. Just moving manically, flashing on and off the beat, illuminated against the dark night. Also complex.

Anyway yeah she killed it as always.

Anyway yeah.

Kid Sister walked in somewheres during Perseph's set so I done ran upstairs to say hi to the homey and to introduce her to my good friends Brittany and Lolo.

Seen here.

Riders Against the Storm hit the stage third and dang well moiderized the place.

I've written about them here on the blog before, and done told you to check out their album Speak the Truth.

Cuz they really are the truth.

A husband and wife hip-hop duo really shouldn't be this dope, but they are.

And they are making quite a name for themselves on the scene in Austin right now. They call themselves Hip-Hop Healers, which also doesn't sound like it should be all that dope, but trust me y'all, it really is. I mean. I know you like to hear the dumbos talm bout swangin wide in the turning lane while thowed off that jungle juice and percodanz but alas and alak, this new hip-hop healing thang may be the NEW MOVEMENT.

I know I can use some healing...

Anyway here's my man Chris from Proper Ent with Hakim from the legendary group CHANNEL LIVE. They were in town for the 4 Elements Fest happening the next night, but alas and alak I went to Houston. More on that later.

Anyway Kid Sister hit the stage and brought that Chicago juke sound to tha souf and put forth the energy we all needed.

Like how she do.



So yeah anyway, it really went down. Austin is gonna have to realize that our outdoor venues end at midnight! The show was dope from start to finish and well, it's just hard to get the hip-hop crowd out early. I personally think everyone should see Mic Skills, Perseph1 and Riders Against the Storm as they are anything but typical hip-hop.

Then we went home, my wife fell asleep on the couch and I watched the Mountain Goats on that new Dinner With the Band show and learned that yes there is such a thing as a cauliflower steak, and John Darnielle likes that sort of thing a lot.

I have never been able to swallow a bite of cauliflower. Those and brussel sprouts are two veggies that will turn me into a two year old at the dinner table. Kicking and screaming cryin bout how I can't eat such a thang. Anyway, whatever. It was a great night. Then we got up early the next day and... see the next post up I suppose.

(Not sure why I called Vango, DJ Remix in the original post. Brainfart. Shout out to Scuba Steve for bringing this to my attention. Duuuuh. I told y'all my head ain't been here lately.)

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