Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ben Westhoff in Houston Saturday
Damage Control Interview

Celebrate the release of Ben Westhoff's Dirty South book! It's really great and he's coming to Houston to do a reading, so you know we got to go hard. I'll be there cooking the BBQ. DJ Chill will be on the wheels of steel. And Ben will do a reading from his book and will sign your copies.

Starts at 6 p.m. at DOMY, which is right at Westheimer and Dunlavy, not far from KPFT and right next door to Brazil! Come get you some food. Drinks served at Brazil. And lets kick it. I haven't seen my Houston folk in a while.

There will be a lot of Houston artists in the building. Come kick it with me.

Check out Ben Westhoff's interview with DJ Chill, Golden Child and DJ Randy on KPFT's Damage Control!

And peep the flyer below. This is the official announcement! New South #1 is REALLY GOIN' DOWN! May 6th at The Scoot Inn. I'ma do a separate blog post on this by tomorrow with links to all the groups, but peep the real. The New Texas series is gonna be a monthly showcase of the realest from Texas, also a tour. It's really bout to go down. Please pass this flyer around and let everybody know.

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Ben Westhoff said...

Those guys are hilarious. Thanks for posting.