Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LATE PASS: Art City +
ICP Orchestra in Austin!

I know, I know, I know, I GOTsta get a late pass. These photos and this fool report should have been up long ago, but alas and alak, see the post below. I wiped my computer, couldn't find my Photoshop disc forever, and well, that was as good an excuse as any, to slack. Yeah, I slacked. Anyhoo.

Art City was amazing this year. I may be biased because my wife books the main stage entertainment, but she kicked some ass this year and brought some of Austin's brightest up and coming talent, without relying on the old stand bys that so many other people in her position would do. Color me impressed.

Butcher Bear & Charlie came out and kilt it. Here is Butcher Bear with his little friend Eva.

Acting like she don't know her old friend, the Butcher Bear.

Bali Yaaah opened up Saturday and killed it. I was glad to finally see them. If you follow this blog and the AustinSurreal show, then you know that they WON the AustinSurreal song of the year in 2010 for their jam "Shoot It."

Their debut EP Always early, Never fate..." comes out SOON!

Nice stuff.

And here's my nice little daughter Elena, outside the Austin City Hall, amongst the bamboo.

Gettin' saucy

That's my girl.

So I take a lot of photos of her

And here's a photo of my lovely family, Elena, my wife Melissa - who booked all the music on this particular weekend, and Eva.

And I didn't even know that Chris Brown of Bali Yaaah was down with my friend Jessica Skinner but alas (and alak)

Butcher Bear and Charlie came up next and killed it.

And inspired this review.

My kids were fillin' it. Not sure what that dude was talm bout.

Anyway that's a couple of my favorite groups in the ATX, but this past Thursday I got to see my most favorite band in the world EVER to see live. There is no one who goes harder than the ICP Orchestra.

This is their drummer Han Bennink. My favorite musician in the world. Definitely my favorite musician to watch in this world. An amazing man. He done stank up the whole AAMP with that pipe tho, I ain't even much bout fin ta lie. Was great.

I done stalked them a bit.

And they played along quite nice.

My boy Pedro aka PG from Epistrophy Arts made the show happen and provided the introduction. He's a great man for bringing them to Austin (more than once). My Lord. This was quite the night.

You can see it.

They done kilt it. Mary really went hard tonight.

As did cellist Tristan Honsiger. No doubt. Another fine evening in AustinSurrealVille.

We really need more of this type of music to happen in this here music city...

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