Friday, April 15, 2011

Record Store Day is Tomorrow!

Record Store Day is Saturday! Who wants to kick it? I can only go first half of the day but plan to cover some ground and drag my kids along with me. Lets KICK IT.

I know people who don't like Record Store Day and feel it is a sham. I personally disagree cuz everytime I roll out for Record Store Day, I feel like I am celebrating Record Stores as opposed to feeling like I am spending myself into the ground, as I generally do when I go into record stores.

Anyway, lets get hype. Bring the kids. Lets go look at and buy some records. Beginning at Encore Records like 11am or so, and then I can only kick it till like 2 p.m. So yeah, LEZ DO DIS! Holler at me bout this @Pushermania

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