Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Marfa Pics!
Guest Blogger: Alie Jackson

So glad I was able to bring the ladies from along on the Mini Cooper Wanderlust trip out to Marfa, Texas we done just took. My photos are in the post below, and a cool selection of Alie Jackson's are here. Alie is 1/2 of AustinKnightVintage, but her photography site is There's some DOPE photos of the whole trip here. Things I didn't even see! She kilt it.

Peep these out and know it's just a beginning.

See all the official coverage of the trip right thurr!

Magda Sayeg is EVERYWHERE

A German car in a good ol' German American town, Fredericksburg

Where me and Kydd were posted up, for a minute

And the rest of us.

Quick stop in Sonora for a BITE

Also gas

I was driving so I didn't get to get any photos of the wild fires we passed, but Alie did. It was no joke. Over 100,000 acres and then some, burned. Seeing the charred earth on the way out was a serious bummer. People lost homes, just insane.

Cannot believe I saw all this with my own eyes.

Jumbo in a Mini


El Cosmico is THAT spot

Mo' Magda, Knitta Please!

Now THIS is a tent


She really done did that in Shafter, TX

La Migre, 60 miles north of the border, just south of El Cosmico

Padres Patio is MY SPOT! Get ready for a fun summer in Marfa. Can't wait to come back.

Any way it really went down and I am really thankful for the pic's Alie. Stay tuned for some from Brad Bunyea.

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