Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sore Losers SXSW Take Over Video!

MAYNE HOLD UP! Why is Texas still killin' it in the rap game? Why are we on the verge of a whole Texas rap resurgence right now? It's cuz of artists like this. The Sore Losers and their ilk. They came to party and are bringing you with them. Watching this video made me smile so big. In my eyes, they are a fairly new group. The type of group I would have booked at SXSW 5 years ago and had folks look at me funny (then love them, ala PPT/Awkwarius).

Look at the shows on here, all of them are rocking. Crowds going INSANE for an indie group out of Dallas very much NOT doing what is expected from Texas. It's a beautiful new day. I am so happy right now. Peep this shit out.

Also shout out to Pikahsso, Tahiti and Picnic, dudes been helping form this New Texas Thang for a long time now. Don't forget about them. NEVA FORGET!

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Kiana F. said...

I saw the Sore Losers when I went to see Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q back in February. They were definitely something different than I was expecting and I enjoyed the hell out of their set. Hope to see em again soon!